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June 19, 2006:
It is's 3rd anniversary
Actually, the site has been up since January 1st, 2003 but our official going live date was in June. It was a lot of hard work, and a lot of expense. Will we keep it up? We will try our best, though sometimes we wonder...

June 19, 2006:
Speed improved. Site moved to new server
Yes, we did it. The site is now hosted on a new server with a much greater bandwidth.

June 27, 2004:
The site gets a new look and new features.
After a long time, we finally got around to getting a new user interface out. Appart from the new look, we got rid of some options and features that most users did not use. It should now be easier to navigate and more straight to the point. Don't miss out the direct links to the work positions and tenders in the search pages. There is also a button on the main menu to take you straight to the entire pdf of the most recent issue.
Also, don't miss out the MyGazette link. There, your can specify to be notified by email about tenders and work positions. Basically, if you subscribe for this feature, you will receive automatically the Tenders and/or Work positions every week by e-mail in PDF Format.

February 14, 2004: reaches new record popularity levels.

The problems you are experiencing when accessing the site recently are simply due to the enormous amount of hits. We would like to thank everybody who visits the site and ask for your patience as we are looking into getting a faster internet connection and alternative ways of hosting. At the present, the cygazette server is hosted in our offices and all the traffic goes through our internet connection of 128kb/sec. Definitely not enough for the thousands of hits we get.

August 19, 2003:
Website update
Now the content returned to the browser is compressed. This should help improve the speed and response of the site. Please note that if you are using Internet Explorer (version 5 or later) AND you have set a proxy server then you should go to Explorer's Options/Advanced menu and check the "Use HTTP 1.1" and "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections" options under the "HTTP 1.1 settings" heading. Also note that only Html content is compressed, images and PDF's are already compressed.

June 3, 2003:
The Cyprus Law Reports are now available online.
Search the full text of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Cyprus

Again Free!

July 4, 2003:

The site is mildly upgraded to take care of requests expressed in the feedback we got from users. You can now view the entire issue as PDF. You can constraint your appendix search to particular Appendix and Part. And there is now some help text in the search pages themselves, as most people seem to ignore the Help Page.

This is an online version of the Cyprus Government Gazette.

You can perform a full text search on information in the database of both, the Main Gazette issues and the appendices Appendices.

We would like to hear your comments and suggestions about this site. We would appreciate it if you email us to tell us what other features you would like to see, whether you find it useful, etc.

If you need help and hints on how to search the gazette and make your searches more effective, click the Help Button at the top of the page in the navigation bar. It will really help you make your searches much more efficient!

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